The Settings page is where you can find more details about your Mitto instance. Let’s dive into the different sections of Settings.

Product Configuration

  • This section shows the version of Mitto you are on as well as the timezone, CPU count, memory, and disk space. CPU count, memory, and disk space can be increased if needed depending on the use case. More jobs can be run at the same time with higher CPU count and memory.

Database Connectivity

  • Mitto comes with PostgreSQL and stores data in that database (all Mitto jobs, statuses, etc.). This database is used as a start for most customers.
  • The host, port, and name in the Data Connectivity section is important for connecting Mitto to Tableau. Click here to read more about this!


  • The API Key is used to interact with Mitto’s API. This is an advanced function. Read more about Mitto’s API here.

Package Information

  • These are the packages (in other words, connectors) that are installed on your Mitto instance. When new versions are released, you can see available upgrades. Click on Check Now to see if there are any updates.