Connectors: SQL

Use the SQL connector to write, save, and automate SQL queries to any database Mitto has connectivity to.

To add a SQL query to Mitto, observe the following steps:

1. On the bottom left of your Mitto screen, click on Add Job.

2. Click on the SQL connector.

3. After that, a popup appears that prompts you to type in your SQL query. 

The queries need to be written in the syntax of the database they are being sent to. Standard use cases include creating tables, views, and stored procedures. Mitto does not validate SQL queries when creating a job. Best practice is to write your SQL queries in another tool first (ie Datagrip) to test the SQL, and then when you are ready to save and automate the SQL, drop it into a Mitto job.

Note, Mitto only accepts multi line comments.

DON'T do this:

DO this:

After typing in your query, select Next.

4. On the next page, name your SQL job and specify which database you're querying from. 

  • Local Database: Internal Mitto PostgreSQL database
  • Custom: Specify the connection string of the destination database

After you're done with this, select Save.

Congratulations! You have just added a SQL query to Mitto. Next, you will want to schedule your job. Learn how to schedule your job here.